3 D Animation And Its Uses

By Lorabella

The field of animation is interesting as well as challenging. It has come into its own in the recent years as increasing number of industries find it useful for a variety of purposes. Earlier it was mostly associated with filmmaking but nowadays one can find examples of 3D animation on the World Wide Web as well as diverse fields like medicine and business. The simplest way of describing 3D animation would be to say that it is the art and science of creating images with the help of computer.

Although 2D animation is quite old, 3D animation started making its presence felt from the early nineties with the release of the movie Toy Story. The movie was a huge success and its fine use of 3D animation boggled the minds of viewers and even professional animators of those days. It was followed by Jurassic Park in which 3D animation was used to create lifelike dinosaurs. This movie was also a resounding success. Since then 3D animation has gone beyond the boundaries of the film industry and has been adapted by a variety of industries. It is now seen not only as a valuable technology that can serve multiple fields, but also as an exciting career choice with great prospects.

Some of the industries in which 3D animation is being used are



Interior designing


Medicine and


Elaborating briefly about how the above fields use animation, we begin with interior designing. There are a number of animation software packages that have been specially developed for use in interior designing. With the help of such software, interior designers can design rooms right on their computers. This not only helps them save a considerable amount of time and effort that would have gone into sketching out their ideas but it also provides them with a more accurate idea of how well a design would work on specific rooms and how it can be improved. Similarly architects use 3D animation software to pre-visualize the houses they will be designing. The technology is also used to design ships, wherein extensively detailed 3D models of ships are prepared before the actual construction. This model then works as a reference and not only speeds up the building process but also ensures that the original design is adhered to faithfully. In the field of medicine, 3D animation can be used for education and training purposes, surgical techniques, as well as in the presentation of various concepts, for example internal bodily processes can be represented very well by 3D animation. Similarly the corporate world also uses 3D animation for education and training, presentations, marketing and in websites.

The strength and effectiveness of 3D animation lies in the fact that it is an extremely versatile technology which can be used to produce realistic, as well as innovative images. It can soar as high as the imaginations of animators/visualizers allow it to go. Moreover it is a highly accessible technology with its users ranging from small businesses and individual users, to huge conglomerates. As such this field has a bright future ahead. Although the technology for 3D animation is already quite well-developed, new and exciting features are being added to it on a regular basis making it still better.

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