5 Facts To Know Before Extending House

There are lots of reasons due to which people think to extend the unused portion of their house, this may be giving that portion of the house on rent, or to use it for guests or simply because the size of their family is increasing, etc. Well, whatever the reason is the idea of extending a portion of the house in itself is exciting as it provides you an opportunity to give a modern outlook to your house according to the latest trend.

But from where to begin is the matter of concern for everyone, because the area that you wish to extend may not be suitable for the extension according to government laws. Besides this, there are lots of factors that affect the decision of home extension. Going through this necessity of such people we are discussing some of the factors to concern before giving the real shape to your idea.

  1. Seeking Approval From The Local Administration: Whether you are constructing a new house or extending the portion of your existing house, getting permission from the local municipal corporation or agency allowing the permission for construction is necessary. But, as most of the people are unaware of this fact, start construction in the portion of the house which they wish to extend, and then face legal action against them. It is therefore imperative to get the project approved by the local administrative agency and start the construction to avoid any issue.
  2. Insurance: Once you got approval from the local authorities, the next step is to think for the insurance, that do you need it or not. Because there is a huge difference in constructing a new house and extending a portion of the house. When you extend the portion of your house, there are chances that it will affect the existing infrastructure of your house to a certain extent. This may put an extra financial burden on you, and if there is any uncertainty like damage to the septic tank plumbing of your house, then you will need to pay money for getting it repaired again. To combat such expenses, having insurance could help you in paying your bills without any complexity.
  3. Impact On The Property Of Your Neighbour: Before beginning the construction in your house, it is also important to bring this in the notice of your neighbor, as the new construction might damage his property or impact any of the services coming to his house for which he can complain against you to the local authorities. To avoid any such issues it is necessary to bring your decision in his consideration and pay him accordingly in case of any damage to his property.
  4. Reason Of Extension: It is also one of an important factor to consider, because if you are going to use it for your guests or your personal use, then you will have to get all the necessary amenities installed accordingly in the portion including the lighting system, plumbing system (grease trap system) for smooth flow of water from the drainage system. But, if you are constructing only for chatting with your friends and family members then only a simple construction will work.
  5. How Long With The Construction Go: The duration of construction also impacts lots of things including your budget and stay at home. Long duration means huge investment not only in construction but also for paying the rent of the place where you will stay until the construction finishes at your home. Because, if there is a huge construction, your contractor will ask you to move to some other place so that your daily schedule is not disturbed. But in case, if the construction can be completed with a month or a few weeks then it is possible for you to adjust to your house without paying extra money for rent.
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