Brief Discussion About Speech Therapy In Kolkata

Autism or behavioural disorder in children can lead to some serious problems and therefore it is the responsibility of the parents to identify it and ensure that it is treated within time. Children having this disorder find it difficult to communicate verbally and socially. They also have problems in behaving. Such ailment can be treated by undergoing the speech therapy with will improve their communication skills which includes auditory processing. However, the speech therapy which are basically conducted in different sessions will vary depending upon the specific problem of the child and the therapist. For instance, some therapists would root for the Direct Instruction language program which is also known as Language for Learning will assist in teaching spoken language to children having autism. The sessions are meant for children around ten to twelve years.According to a research and study, if the speech therapy in Kolkata is properly conducted, the children would be able to pronounce the words correctly and also identify certain objects within a span of three months. However, the parent has to be very vigilant and careful in monitoring the progress of their child. They need to consult a child specialist or a child psychologist if they find that the child experiences persistent stuttering even after five years. Although the speech therapy is not considered as a part of medical treatment, it helps a great deal in improving the speech fault in a stuttering child. Thus the aim of this exercise is to treat and cure a stutter. The speech therapist aims at correcting a number of defects in the pattern of speaking. However, before beginning the procedure, he needs to identify the pattern of the fault and detect whether the problem is because of any accident or present since birth.The treatment will largely depend on the gravity of the deformity. For instance, for a small defect like stutter and more intensified for severe problems. It should also been noted that the therapists who are treating the child should be well trained and profoundly experienced to tackle various problems. As a parent, it is your responsibility to enquire about the treatment procedure and get full information about it including its pros and cons, the cost and the expected time for recovery. You can take a self notice whether there is any improvement or not after a few initial sessions. The persons who want to specialize in this field are required to do a Speech and Language Program (SLP). He needs time to master this program.The medical science has been able to identify three types of speech fault in children which include articulation defects, voice or resonance disorder and fluency problem. Apart from these, there are some other deformities which are known as the secondary physical features for speech such as lips, cheeks, jaw, teeth, tongue. Stuttering has been identified as a fluency disorder. It is a fact that that more and more parents should be made aware about the Speech therapy in Kolkata so that their child can learn to speak normally.

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