Investment Property Experts (Ipx) Awarded Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers

Investment Property Experts (IPX) awarded Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers


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Full-cycle, full-service, turn-key investment provider, IPX, receives award for demonstrating vision, understanding, and a strategy for bringing investment services and products to repeat real estate buyers.

June 8, 2012, Phoenix, Arizona A full-service solutions provider for residential real estate investors, Investment Property Experts ( IPX ), has been recognized by national magazine, Personal Real Estate Investor, as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers and Market Leaders for 2012. The elite list of companies was compiled based on their innovation and improvement of sales and services to real estate investors and the many companies that serve them.


This prestigious award is divided into eleven categories that represent a variety of real estate investment related services. IPX was recognized in the Full-Service Real Estate Investment Portfolio Managers category and was touted as one of the most well-designed and mature models with significant marketing resources of all the turn-key companies in the United States.

Personal Real Estate Investor (PREI) Magazine asserts that IPX defined the difference among Realtor-centric turn-key property sales, turn-key rental sales, and full-cycle, full-service, turn-key investment providers. Its vision is to provide investors with a proven investment opportunity and methodology for acquiring, renovating, and selling properties.

As a full-cycle, full-service turn-key vendor, IPX provides investment expertise and offers the best deal possible to the investor. IPX sells and manages the property they own so the investor is dealing with the principal in obtaining a renovated and potentially tenanted property. This ultimately delivers a performing rental with a net yield limited by income versus expenses. Additionally, IPX provides the investor with a sales exit strategy that ensures a blended and greater yield from income and any appreciation captured in a future defined sales event.

We focus on providing our investors with a full investment cycle, including the ultimate exit strategy, stated Steve Taplin, Managing Partner. IPX identifies deserving first-time or former homebuyers with blemished credit, moves them into the property, repairs their credit, and provides FHA financing, With our unique model, we help our investors earn 8% to 12% cash-on-cash returns during the lease option period and in excess of 25% total return in 18 to 36 months, Taplin added. The fact that IPX concentrates on acquiring properties in areas and neighborhoods where homebuyers want to buy and live lends to a solution for deserving families to return to economic stability and homeownership while investors enjoy better returns.

The founders of IPX, Steve Taplin and Daniel Butterfield own and operate the various companies needed to cover all phases of a property investment. They also host the hugely popular radio show Real Estate STRAIGHT TALK on Money Radio 1510 AM. From start to finish, they support both the investor and the soon-to-be homeowner through every step of the process. PREI claims that no other turn-key operation they have found even approaches IPX for vision, offer, organization, and execution. The company s superior sustained net yields reflect this.


IPX Founders

have a proven track record over the past decade of delivering above average returns in both good and bad times. Investment Property Experts (IPX) houses a mortgage company, real estate brokerage, renovation company, credit/debt repair, marketing and technology center and property management company all under one roof to offer full-service solutions for residential real estate investors.

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