Medically Supervised Quick Weight Loss In New Haven

byAlma Abell

People who are moderately to extremely obese may choose to participate in medically supervised Quick Weight Loss in New Haven to get health conditions under control. Programs are customized to the individual and are designed to provide rapid weight loss in a short period of time. Conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease can spike and cause blindness, stroke, and circulation problems. Losing weight quickly at first can keep symptoms from becoming critical. The rapid weight loss is followed by continued weight loss at a slower rate. The strictest programs help people lose three to five pounds per week for six to twelve weeks.

After a free consultation, each program begins with a full medical examination and an overall health and body composition analysis. Medical supervision ensures your health and safety throughout the process. Every participant meets weekly with a nutritionist, and biweekly blood work is completed to monitor you. Programs also include an education component for long term success once the program is finished. A very low calorie diet will result in the most weight loss when strictly followed. Foods and supplements are regimented for 6-9 weeks and then more foods are added to the diet. An exercise program is introduced during the maintenance period, which lasts six to nine months. Visit the site for full details regarding this program.

Quick Weight Loss in New Haven can be achieved with other program options as well. A low calorie diet provides results of 15 pounds lost in just eight weeks. It follows the same steps and phases, just with more food allowed. It is also medically supervised. A teen fit program helps teens develop health habits through nutritional counseling and a personalized exercise routine. Personal training is available in either one-on-one sessions or small group classes. This program can be adjusted to accommodate all fitness levels.

Lipofast fat burning injections can also be used for rapid weight loss. These injections dissolve fat in parts of the body that are less responsive to exercises and workouts. The results are temporary, so you will need to continue to get them once you start for continued results. They are not designed to be a substitute for exercise, but they will enhance your efforts.

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