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Those Two Girls PR and Marketing is the leading PR agency in Galway, Ireland. Offering marketing consultancy and PR agency services, this PR and Marketing company was founded in 2004 by Director Olivia Collins, a senior PR consultant.

Press release writing, media relations, media training, new business launch, PR events, social media consultancy and writing editorial content are all part of a day s work for this busy, Irish PR company. The PR and marketing work include fashion PR, restaurant PR and restaurant marketing, new business PR and new business marketing, hotel PR and hotel marketing, consumer product and consumer services PR, travel PR and beauty products PR. Those Two Girls PR also specialises in luxury products PR. Products and services which benefit from PR are new businesses and new company launches. Other words to describe this company: PR agency Ireland, PR agency Galway, PR Galway and PR company Ireland, PR company Galway. PR services are offered in Limerick, Dublin Cork and Galway as well as nationwide Irish PR.

Low cost marketing is the fundamental need and high in demand. There are online and offline practices. Both are equally important in low cost marketing. PR GALAXY developed by Those Two Girls PR and marketing is one of low cost marketing companies that offer impeccable solutions for both ways of marketing. In offline marketing, PR is developed at various levels such as national and local. Press release, Event management, business profiling and organizing interviews are also part of offline activities.


In online marketing, the coverage is multidimensional. Social Media Planning, Developing Social Media Sites, Design and Development of Company Blogs, Updating Social Media Sites, Social Media Training, Copy-writing and Editing of Websites, Web design and development, Social Media Sites Design, and Search Engine Optimisation are some of the online PR services offered by Those Two Girls PR and marketing.

Those Two Girls PR and marketing in PR GALWAY performs this kind of marketing most efficiently. The company has adequate skills to bring into focus all the business related matters in the most attractive ways. Those Two Girls PR and marketing in PR GALWAW perfectly understands the importance and benefits of low cost marketing; they design the marketing parameters accordingly to the best of satisfaction of the clients.

No matter whatever is your aim of marketing, Those Two Girls PR and marketing in PR GALWAY covers all the relevant business issues in the simplest ways with adequate emphasis on the outcome in the long run. The company focuses on the psychological aspects of the visitors on the clients websites and creates websites that bring in maximum relevant traffic.

Those Two Girls PR and marketing in PR GALWAY have the potential to become the brand ambassador and on-hand PR of the business houses at extremely low cost. The company offers quality services at competitive prices to the clients.

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