Record Linc Releases New Product For Dental Patients Called My Dental Files

Submitted by: Travis Rodgers

Today at the Western Regional Dental Conference, RecordLinc has launched their newest product called MyDentalFiles. Through the secure online portal or iOS Application, patients can fill out their health history and dental history forms electronically, easily find current or new treating dentists, securely communicate with their dentist, and access their dental records.

Travis Rodgers, CEO and Co-founder of RecordLinc states, We developed MyDentalFiles to empower patients to maintain their own dental history and update their health history forms in real-time. The idea came from my personal desire to reduce the number of x-rays my children have been taking and the wasted time spent filling out forms. We also received feedback from many dentists and industry experts that this is exactly what the dental industry needs.

MyDentalFiles features include:

Electronic patients forms


Patient access to dental records and referrals

Doctor to patient communication in a HIPAA compliant portal

Easily find and add treating dentists

RecordLinc has been known for an unwavering commitment to excellent product development to increase efficiency in dental offices through the use of technology. With the addition of the MyDentalFiles online portal and iOS Application, RecordLinc users can now maintain HIPAA compliance and easily communication with patients.

MyDentalFiles offers a single, secure and convenient location for patients to access their dental images, referrals, and treatment plans. In addition, the system enables patients to fill out and update their medical history and dental history before visiting the dental office, saving time for the patient and the dental office. Rodgers said, This is a great tool that completely integrated with RecordLinc and the dentists practice management systems, which saves patients and dentists a lot of time and money. Patients no longer have to spend time filling out paperwork before appointments, they move straight to the chair, and reduce radiation exposure by taking less x-rays and dentists can get updated health histories automatically.

We exist because dentistry is invisible. When your teeth don’t hurt, you don’t think about them, and when they do, you can’t think about anything else! Sadly, that’s the situation for millions of poor persons locally and around the world, but there are no dentists where they live or they can t afford dental treatment, so suffering is their constant companion. was started in 2011 by the founders of RecordLinc Inc. We have helped many people who couldn t afford proper dental care get the help they needed by finding a dentist in their area or dentists that are willing to donate their time to help the underprivileged. We work with various other non-profits and philanthropic organizations in the dental industry to find the right dental resources by using our vast network of dental professionals. was founded by dentists and dental health professionals who were concerned with the state of dental health among the world s underprivileged, particularly within this current economic climate. Maintaining good dental health is one of the most important factors in overall health and disease prevention, yet it is often the first thing that is overlooked when funds aren t readily available. All too often, neglect and inattention to proper dental health will lead to considerably more harmful and costly consequences.

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