Splash Pads Companies Who Sell Splash Pads As An Alternative To Traditional Swimming Pools Are Booming

By David James Taylor

The Splash Pad industry is seeing a rapid increase in sales and success stories. As a much safer alternative to the standard backyard swimming pool, Splash Pads are much safer, more affordable, economical, and, let’s face it, more fun. While some customers install them in their own backyards in place of a swimming pool, many commercial businesses like zoos and child care centers are also benefiting from this new idea.

Communities with numerous families can rest at ease this summer; no worrying about water safety or double and triple checking to see if pool fences are locked. Splash Pads take away a good deal of parental stress but don’t skimp on the FUN for kids.

The Phoenix Zoo recently installed a Splash Pad from a company called Rain Deck. Matt Strangwayes, a member of the zoo’s staff, helped orchestrate the new edition to the zoo’s play area called Yakulla Caverns. This section of the zoo features a replica cave where children can enter and learn about cave geology. To enter the cave, they must walk through a dripping waterfall, and once inside there is a Splash Pad area that represents a stream and flash flood zone. Here kids can have fun and learn about geology at the same time.

So why did the Phoenix Zoo install a Splash Pad for this hands-on section of the park? There are several reasons:


–Safety – a Splash Pad is much safer than a swimming pool, especially with the number of children that are in and out of the zoo every day.

–Affordability – A Splash Pad is predominantly a one-time purchase and maintenance and upgrades are inexpensive and seldom.

–Sensibility – Phoenix is the hottest city in the United States and it is easy to become dehydrated, especially walking around outside for hours. The zoo’s decision to install a Splash Pad is a way to encourage children to cool down, and their decision to put it in a cave out of sunlight was also a smart choice.

–Profitability – A trip to the zoo is an exiting adventure for a child in and of itself, but the addition of the Splash Pad attracts even more tourists and adventurers than before. Not everyone has a Splash Pad at their home (yet!), so it attracts children more than an ordinary swimming pool that many of them already have in their backyards.

The zoo is not the only business in the community that has made the switch to Splash Pads. Several child care centers and schools are purchasing them as well. Multiple children’s daycare centers have recently chosen to make the switch as well.

Why are increasing numbers of daycare centers installing Splash Pads? Owners give a few reasons:

–Safety – Child care centers focus on safety and comfort as their premier goal, but even with small ‘kiddie’ pools and other portable pools, accidents can still happen. Because the child to adult ratio is so large, Splash Pads are a much safer alternative.

–Simplicity – Daycare workers have much better things to do than clean leaves and insects out of pools and drain them several times a year. With Splash Pads, there is no messy work involved.

–‘Green’ purchase – Most communities are concerned about ‘going green’, and installing a Splash Pad as an alternative to a pool is a sophisticated way to do so. The re-circulating water allows owners to keep their hose off and money in their wallet.

Jake Wirthlin, a SplashZone employee, helps install Rain Deck Splash Pads. When asked why he decided to add Splash Pad installation to his list of other landscaping and pool maintenance services, he said it was because Rain Deck offered free training on Splash Pad installation and it seemed easy. Wirthlin has not changed the focus of his business, but rather added Splash Pad installation to his list of other services. He says his schedule is now filled with installations where there were blanks before. Rain Deck continues to offer a promotional free training session to anyone who is interested.

The Splash Pad industry is growing quickly. They are easy to install, easy to own, and easy to maintain. They are also a much safer, more economical, and affordable alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

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