Understanding The Importance Of Having Your Pet Vaccinated

byAlma Abell

To ensure the long-term health and well-being of your pet, the importance of vaccinations cannot be overemphasized. Vaccinations are by far the easiest and best ways to ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life. Different pet diseases require different vaccines given at different times of their lives. Veterinarians at Bucktown animal hospitals know what vaccines are safest, and provide the best protection possible.

Why vaccinate pets?


Vaccinations are given to animals for the same reason they are given to humans. By preparing the immune system, the animal can repel any invasion of organisms. All vaccines contain antigens that stimulate the immune system, but not to the point that they cause the disease they are intended to fight. If the animal is exposed to the disease in the normal course of life, the immune system recognizes the invasion and fights it off entirely or reduces the severity of the disease.

Responsible pet owners owe it to themselves and their pets to discuss a vaccination protocol with the Bucktown animal hospitals that is perfect for your pet. There is no one vaccination protocol that suits all pets; the veterinarian will consider the animal’s species, age, its medical history, and environment.

Timing and frequency:

Based on the animal’s age and the type of vaccine, the vets at Bucktown animal hospitals will determine the appropriate vaccination schedule.

  • Dogs: Puppies get the antibodies they initially need from the mother’s milk. When the pups reach six to eight weeks of age, they will get the first vaccination followed by two follow-ups spaced a month apart. Once the animal has matured, the vet will develop a vaccination schedule.
  • Cats: The same routine that applies to puppies also applies to kittens although the vaccines are different as is the timing.

Although it rarely happens, if your pet has an unfavorable reaction to any vaccine, contact the vet immediately.

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