How To Adjust The Elderly People’s Daily Diet

How to Adjust the Elderly People’s Daily Diet



Along with age increasing, the digestive function of the elderly has been change gradually, such as the ability of gastric dilatation is weakened, absence of hydrochloric acid in the gastric secretions of the stomach or decrease of the activity of digestive enzymes that all will cause the incomplete food hydrolysis and influence digestion and nutrient absorption. So, how to adjust the diet of the elderly to health?

Eating High Quality Food

Such as soy products, eggs or milk and so on are all the high-quality and nutritious food that should be ate by elderly usually. The elderly should also eat more fish and less meat. As we all know, the main source of sugar is from the staple food, vegetable and fruit, so elderly should minimize the white sugar, brown sugar and refined sugar.

Eating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in plenty vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Fruits are also rich in organic acids that could stimulate the appetite and maintain the balance of acid and base in the body.

Eating Variety Food

There is no one food contain all variety of nutrients for the body needs, therefore, to eat proper fruits, vegetables, beans and other legumes, and whole grains that are rich in fiber every day; the meat and vegetable dish matching should also pay attention.

Drinking More Water Every Day

Water as one essential needs of body is so important that human could not leave it. Elderly is also. However, elderly don’t like the young people who have a strong feeling when thirsty, therefore, the old should drink water consciously every day. Weak tea or boiled water is better. Remember that don’t drink until feel thirsty.

Eat proper temperature food. The elderly have poor resistance on cold, once eat raw, cold and hard foods that will affect their digestion, absorption and even cause intestinal diseases.

Elderly people have poor digestion, so they should eat the food that easy to chew and good for digest.

Elderly people should eat light food, no eating more heavy taste food.

Don’t eat too much every meal, and about 7 or 8 full is ok.

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