Sample Cover Letter For Recent Graduates

By Dirk Daggler

If you’re a new graduate, first up on your priority list will be getting a full time job. There are many tactics to use for marketing your employment skills but sending out cover letters and resumes are the most basic of them. And it has proven that it still works.


A cover letter is the letter that accompanies your resume. The objective of a cover letter is to market you to your potential employer and convince them that your skills, experience, and attitude is right for the job. The cover letter is not about you, but about how you can meet the needs of the company you are applying to.

For a recent graduate, cover letter sample is available on many sites on the internet. However, a new graduate must understand the reality of the application process. Companies receive dozens and dozens of resumes from interested applicants. It is highly probable that they do not pay as much attention to the cover letter. The resume is the most important document and if employers are impressed with your credentials, they will go back to the cover letter to learn about how you present and communicate yourself.

Because the Internet also provides an efficient and effective way of applying for a job, other applicants also apply through email. In this case, your email to your potential employer is your cover letter. The same principles as the printed cover letter apply. Show the company that you did your homework and that you know about them.


Here is, for the recent graduate, cover letter sample (names and places are fictional):

Robert Brown

Director for Training Lighthouse Corporation Johnson Lane, NJ

June 18, 20008

Dear Mr. Brown:

The Head of Management Training of your Washington office, Ms. Jane Douglas, informed me that you are in need of skilled individuals for your management training program.

I was under the one-year internship program in Lighthouse Corporation’s Washington office during my last year as an Economics major at the University of Washington. I received my diploma in BS Economics this May and graduated with honors. I believe that the knowledge I gained from my education combined with the work experience from the internship program has adequately prepared me to train for a management position in your company. My professionalism and leadership potential will prove an asset in the field of your business.

You can contact me through email or through my mobile number, 284 645 9784, to discuss a schedule to discuss the matter further. Should I not hear from you by June 30, I will directly coordinate with your office to set an appointment. I look forward to seeing you.


Katherine White

This sample shows the recent graduate, cover letter sample tips on how to write an effective cover letter. Since you are a new graduate, highlight your work and leadership experiences. Individuals with work experiences have the advantage.

Be specific with dates, places, and people. Have a specific addressee for your letter because it is more personal and professional in that way. Discuss briefly on how you would fit their needs and use the third paragraph as a call to action. Do not use this template for all your applications. Tailor-fit your cover letter according to the company or industry.

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