7 Awesome Web Design Tips

7 awesome web design tips


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Web design is one field that tests your creative as well as technical skills. A web design can be whatever you make it. Either extremely creative or extremely ‘by the book’. You can imagine just about anything and integrate it into an awesome web design. But web design also has some rules and limitations. Yes, it does have boundaries that are limited to the means available to you by a web page layout and a web scripting language.


Also, if you wish to create an appealing website that will serve the purpose it is made for, you will have to follow a few guidelines. You can be as creative as you wish, but remember who the end user is. Not all users will be able to decipher your implied meaning via a graphic. Not all users can read a complicated typography. Not all users can navigate a creative navigation system. The idea is, keep the standard components of a web design simple, and create with these 7 tips in mind: 7 web design tips: 1. Graphics – Keep graphics as creative as possible there is no rule as to ‘how’ your graphic should be designed. As long as it goes with the theme of the business that the website holds, your graphics can contain wild imaginations! 2. Clarity – This is one of the most important factors when it comes to web design. Keep your designs clear. No need to clutter too many things in one place. It is rightly said that if your user cannot find what he was looking for within 30 seconds of landing on your page, he will leave! 30 seconds is an overstatement – that is for the patient ones. Users are generally impatient. 3. Text to Graphics ratio – Maintain a good text to graphics ratio. It is of utmost importance that you do not use to many graphics such that the text gets lost amongst it. Too much text gets boring too. No user will read the entire text. Users generally just skim through the website content. Web design should be a perfect blend and balance of graphics and text. 4. Animations – well, generally, animations are a total no-no in web design. If it is absolutely necessary, go ahead. But avoiding animations and forcing a user to wait until the animation finishes to get to the point, is a really bad idea. 5. Navigation – navigation should be a three step process from your home page. Right – more than three clicks to reach a products or services page is not acceptable. Users will move away! 6. Styling of text – text, if you decide to style the font or use typography, be sure that it is readable. Don’t be too creative with text – readability is more important than creativity here. Contrast – well, lastly, the contrast used between the text and the background should not garble the text. Check and recheck the colour combination and be sure that your web design ‘looks’ and feels exactly how a professional design should look!

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