Sage Rv Advice

Sage RV Advice


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Taking a road trip in an RV is just about one of the best experiences you can have. You might want to buy or rent an RV, so here is some sage advice for your trip.

1. Save Your Brakes Unlike a car, stopping an RV requires a lot of friction in the breaks. This is particularly true with sudden stops. While your brake pads are built for the extra weight, take care to down shift to slow your speed.

2. RV Rush Hour Driving You may be tempted to keep trucking along even if you are a big city during rush hour. I highly advise against this. Frustrated drivers can be vicious. You will also put a lot of wear and tear on your RV.


3. RV Drivers License For years, advocates have proposed the idea of requiring special drivers licenses for people driving RVs. As of January 2007, no such requirement exists nor is any legislation pending.

4. Shop Around For Your RV Whether renting or buying an RV, it is important to shop around. The quality of vehicles and prices vary widely by dealer. In this case, it is buyer beware.

5. Mexico Parking Lots If you are cruising Mexico, leaving your RV in a lot can be risky. Make sure to tip the person controlling the lot a few dollars. Doing so usually prevents problems.

6. RV Storage and Insurance At some point, you will need to store your RV. If you are doing it at a third party location, make sure to look into your insurance. Will it cover theft from a storage facility?

7. Rest Stop Sleeping For some reason, rest stops tend to attract strange people. If possible, try to avoid sleeping at them. If nothing else, you will not get much rest.

8. RV Internet Shopping Before you ever go to a dealer, you should go RV internet shopping. Look at the various models and prices to figure out what you like and can afford without suffering under the pressure of a salesman.

9. Class B Motorhome Prices Class B motorhomes are better known as camper vans. They are essentially vans converted to your living needs. Prices range from $30,000 to $65,000.

10. Overheating RV Brakes Take care not to ride your breaks. If you overheat them, they can fail. Avoid rush hour traffic if possible. If you are stuck in it, consider pulling over till it thins out.

An RV is a great investment in a good time. What other option do you have for just spontaneously jumping in and going? Yep, you can do it in a car, but man it gets crowded and uncomfortable.

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